Welcome to St. Elizabeth of Portugal Catholic Church...


     Welcome to a parish that has a strong sense of tradition.  Saint Elizabeth Church has been the home for generations of families.  Deeply rooted in faith our Parish wants to be a home to welcome you and we invite you on a journey towards Jesus.


     The celebration of His Love for us in the Eucharist is our core.  We are an active community of faith; and we share that through the celebration of the sacraments.  As a community we believe that we are called by God to be witnesses of the Gospel.


     If you are new to our Parish, please come and see the goodness of the Lord as we invite you to join us in a generous commitment to our Church.  Guided by God and the presence of Mary Our Mother, we as a community have one goal, and that is to serve you.  Please contact us with any questions, concerns, or needs that you might have.


In the Love of Christ



Mass Schedule



Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,

Thursday & Friday

7:00 AM Mass



5:00 PM  Mass in English



10:00 AM

Mass - Bi-lingual



7:00 AM 

12 Noon 

6:00 PM 



Saturday 4:30 PM or by appointment





 St. Elizabeth of Portugal Catholic Church

1817 - 12th Street

Sacramento, California  95811

Phone - 916-442-2333

Fax - 916-498-0676

Email:  stelizportugal@gmail.com

Reverend Michael O'Reilly,

Parochial Administrator

Reverend Brian Atienza,

Weekend Assistance

Father Eduino Silveira,

Priest Chaplain to the Portuguese Catholic Community 

Around the Parish

August, 2022

We at St. Elizabeth Parish would like to welcome to our community our newly assigned Parochial Administrator, Father Michael O'Reilly.  We will be sharing Father Michael with the Cathedral which is his main parish and residence.  Hopefully he will be celebrating mass with us every other Sunday.  On the opposite Sundays Father Brian Atienza, who is in residence at St. Roberts Parish, will be celebrating the mass here at St. Elizabeth.  We look forward to having both of them participating in our community.  The shortage of Priests in the Diocese has presented difficult circumstances so we all have to be patient with this transition.  God bless us all.

Belmira Azevedo

Fatima Azevedo

Fred Rodacker

Millie Brower

Ann Berkstresser

Antonio FerreiraAzevedo

Fatima Azevedo